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        2. 噴涂廢氣二次凈化排放柜
          1、由水缸,水噴淋過濾系統,百葉窗阻擋過濾系統,抽風系統,電氣控制系統(電氣箱)等幾部分 組成。
          2、水噴淋過濾系統的噴水管1、2寸,上面裝多組聚丙烯材質角度65度的不銹鋼夾扣噴嘴,水源經由水 泵(型號大小由噴漆臺二次排放柜大小而定)從底部水缸吸入噴水管,然后由噴嘴噴出,噴出的水 帶有很大的沖擊力,把經過的漆霧和顆粒打碎, 使氣液充分接觸,廢氣中細小粉塵、未凝固的油 漆顆粒及少量的有機廢氣被吸收,然后由于重力作用水掉入水缸,流入小水缸,達到水循環使用。

          1、The tank, water spray filtration systems, blinds blocking filtration systems, ventilation systems, electrical control systems (electrical box) composed of several parts.
          2、Filtered water pipe sprinkler system 1、2-inch, multi-set polypropylene mounted above the 65 degree angle of the nozzle stainless steel clip, via water pumps (model size by a painting station secondary emission cabinet size) from the bottom of the water water suction cylinder tube is then ejected from the nozzle, the discharge water with a great impact force to break through the mist and particles, so that sufficient gas- liquid contact with fine dust in exhaust gas, the non-solidified particles of the paint and a small amount of organic waste is absorbed, and then fall into the water tank by gravity flow into smaller tanks, to water recycling.
          3、After two of the activated carbon filter, the discharge of tail gas to the related standards of environmental protection.